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Nativsol food series: Berbere

Little WANDA has Berbere in her Bag

Africa is popping with spicy flavors from the “Shito” of Ghana, “Ras El Hanout” in Morocco to “Dukka” of Egypt. However we are landing our palate in Ethiopia – home of the beloved “Berbere.” Pronounced bari baray, berbere means...
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Nativsol Food Series:Tiger-nuts

Tiger nuts: Tiny Tubers but Tough like Little Wanda!

Have you heard of these tiny tubers called tiger nuts? If you ever walk in the open-air markets and streets of Accra, you will find girls selling a tray of brown tiger nuts, plantains, and peanuts balanced on their heads. In Nigeria, black tiger nuts are sold by traders from...
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Move Over Kale: Meet Mama Moringa

Moringa is a multi-purpose tree that supplies edible pods, leaves, seeds, and roots packed with nutrition. Like a mama, Moringa leaves nourish the body and soul, providing a significant source of Vitamins B, C & K, manganese, and protein, among other essential nutrients....
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Nativsol Food Series: Baobab

The Tree That Gives My Smoothies Life:  Baba Baobab Tree

Calling Africa its native home, the baobab is the ‘baba’ of trees giving life to all and can be found in 32 African countries.  Like an old healer, the baobab is at the heart of traditional remedies. Also it can live long in age up to 5,000 years; so we call it...
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Nativsol Food Series: hibiscus tea

Sorry Soft drink! I’m Sipping on Africa’s Super Drink!

Travel to any open-air market from West, North to East Africa and you are sure to find dried or fresh roselle (a hibiscus flower) ready to prepare a classic tropical sipping sensation; hibiscus tea. Quenching the thirst of many Africans, the West African native roselle is a show...
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Nativsol Food Series: Millet

The Tale of Mighty Millet for a Mighty People

What grain can grow in spite of enduring some of the harshest arid conditions? That’s the mighty millet! Just like me, millet is originally from Africa purportedly from Ethiopia. Millet can be found eaten by many people from Kenya, Uganda to Nigeria. Millet is a food staple among...
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Nativsol Food Series: Eat Like a Queen; The Story of Okra

Eat Like a Queen: The Story of Okra

Okra is prepared in many ways now: fried, dried, sauteed or soup known in West Africa as “Okra soup”. Like Little WANDA wit​h the glowing radiant skin, you too can enhance your health and beauty with Okra. Yes, Okra! In ancient Egyptian times, African Queens even...
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Nativsol african food series

Press Release: New African Food Series Launches

New African Food Series Launches for National Nutrition Month Joint Venture highlights the beauty and health benefits of African Food WASHINGTON, DC— For National Nutrition Month, NativSol Kitchen partners with Genii Games to launch “NativSol Food Series” on March 4....
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