Genii Games Limited
The Asa (Culture) Club is an initiative of Genii Games Limited which seeks to stimulate the interests of kids in our indigenous Culture. The Club runs as a short series of activity based workshops facilitated by the Cultural Evangelist where kids get to learn, share and create interesting things within the context of our African cultures.

Our Approach

The facilitator (Cultural Evangelist) works with kids to help them investigate, interpret and discover their cultural identities through the use of visual art workshops. These workshops further tap into the artistic skills of participating kids towards the creation of interesting projects such as mobile applications. Using specialized designed mobile applications from Genii Games Asa portfolio, the kids are taught various subjects including Languages, Folktales etc


    • Kids leave with a reinforced sense of their cultural identity
    • Kids leave with a public project which they can share with families and friends
    • Kids are stimulated beyond the workshop in the subject of their indigenous culture.
    • Contribute towards a social good vis-à-vis cultural promotion and preservation.
    • Public acknowledgement of their roles

Projects and Activities


Interactive Story Apps
Summary: Introduce kids to the subject of Culture through storytelling, acting, drawing and coloring.

The participants name, color and voice the characters based on understanding of their cultures. These characters and audio assets are then fine-tuned and published into mobile applications which are distributed via App Stores such as Apple’s for public consumption. The participants are explicitly acknowledged in the apps and Genii Games website for their contributions.