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Shona 101 - Update #1

Shona 101 Update #1 – In the Beginning

It’s been an exciting start to 2018 with Linford Zirangwa joining Genii Games for a 2-month internship. For some background, Linford and I met last summer during my 6-week YALI (Young Africa Leaders Initiative) Mandela Washington Fellowship at Dartmouth College, Hanover. One of...
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Yorùbá keywords for the 2016 Rio Olympics ebook

e-book: Yorùbá Language keywords for Sports

The 2016 Rio Olympics has now come and gone. While it lasted, Genii Games and ensured Yoruba language was not left out. Together, we ran a 16-day campaign from August 6 to 21 where we shared digital postcards containing sport-related words in English, Portuguese...
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