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The Tortoise in the hat

The Tortoise in the Hat

If the title sounds like a popular Dr. Seuss story (I’m a big fan!), it’s indeed a deliberate approach to examine different African Cultures within the context of the Tortoise in different hats. Background Lately, my team has been mulling over the idea of a different approach to...
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Exploring the cool factor in African language learning among kids

Exploring the cool factor in learning African languages among kids

Often times, I’ve had parents express to me how hard it is to get their kids to learn our native African languages. This is especially common in homes where the language of communication isn’t the native African language as with many African families in major cities home and...
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My experience at the Grange School Funathon, 2014

Just when I thought I had heard all that could be coined from the suffix ‘thon’, I got an invite for an event tagged a funathon. Hmm…marathons, hackathons and now, a funathon. It was being organized by the Grange School, Ikeja. I hadn’t been to a funathon before but I knew I...
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Cultural Evangelism – the Àsà Club

For Genii Games, Saturday, February 1, 2014 marked the beginning of an interesting phase in our Cultural Evangelism. In keeping with our primary objective of promoting and preserving our native cultures against its steady decline among kids, the Àsà club was created. Briefly, the...
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