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Current available African language modules within the Genii Games App as seen on the iPad

Learn African languages with the Genii Games App

Learning African languages has a new addition to it with the public release of the Genii Games app for Android and iOS. Its release comes with a dedicated website containing information on available modules within the app. For some time, we had been working and sharing updates...
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Genii Games App for iOS and Android

The Genii Games App

How time flies! One minute we’re sharing this update in May and the next minute, it’s October! Thankfully, we’re not stagnant as we continue our exciting journey of making African language-learning resources for children.  It’s been  5 months since our...
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Work in progress on Conversational Igbo and Yoruba apps III

Work in progress on Conversational Igbo and Yoruba apps IV

On Saturday May 4, 2019, we had the first public showcase of the upcoming conversational app on Yoruba and Igbo. This though was to a Yoruba-focused audience given the support of Mr Kolade Ogunbayode, a renowned Yoruba-language tutor in the UK. Our relationship with Mr. Kola has...
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Yoruba crossword puzzle

Yoruba Crossword Puzzle

We created a free online Yoruba crossword puzzle to test your Yoruba language skills. The crossword puzzle cuts across different areas of Yoruba culture though it leans more on the language. It’s also a good way to reinforce your knowledge of the topics cover...
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All smiles with our dummers after completing new audio recordings for Igbo101 and Yoruba101

Work in progress on Igbo and Yoruba apps II

It’s been a busy yet interesting couple of months since our last update in July. Hence, we thought we’d bring you up to speed on what’s been happening. Earlier in the year, we decided it was time to take our Yoruba101 and Igbo101 apps to new levels. In order words, time to...
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Yoruba101 Ikini update

Yoruba101 Ikini update: new Selection Page and Menu

Yoruba101 Ikini has a new update! Thanks to your feedback, we have added a new ‘Selection Page‘ and a ‘Selection Menu‘ within the story. The new features make it easy to jump to any section within the story. Here’s one useful benefit of the feature....
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Yoruba Calendar for August 2018

Yoruba Calendar for August 2018

ẹ kuu oṣu Ògún o! Greetings on the month of August. We’re back with a Yoruba calendar for the month of August. Our objective is to help reinforce the Yoruba Counting and Days of the Week. It’s available in high-resolution pdf and png formats. You can print it out or...
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Work in progress on Igbo & Yoruba apps

Work in progress on Igbo and Yoruba apps

Bawo ni o? Kedu? How’s your Yoruba and Igbo language-learning experience been lately? Hope great! We hope our Yoruba101 and Igbo101 apps continue to play important roles in your learning experience. Many thanks to those who have continuously reached out to us with various...
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Hacking Yoruba counting

Hacking Yoruba Counting

Counting is one of the most essential topics in any language including Yoruba. It shows up in everyday conversations where quantity is required, for example, money, age, time of the day etc. In Yoruba language, counting is very easy once one understands a few tips. Counting in...
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What is Yoruba?

What is Yoruba

What is Yoruba? It’s interesting to know Yoruba means different things to different people. Among others, Yoruba is a language for many of its speakers numbering over 40 million worldwide. Yoruba is a Religion for millions who worship Orisas like Sango, Orunmila, Osun etc....
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