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Nativsol Food Series: Baobab

The Tree That Gives My Smoothies Life:  Baba Baobab Tree

Calling Africa its native home, the baobab is the ‘baba’ of trees giving life to all and can be found in 32 African countries.  Like an old healer, the baobab is at the heart of traditional remedies. Also it can live long in age up to 5,000 years; so we call it...
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Nativsol Food Series: Millet

The Tale of Mighty Millet for a Mighty People

What grain can grow in spite of enduring some of the harshest arid conditions? That’s the mighty millet! Just like me, millet is originally from Africa purportedly from Ethiopia. Millet can be found eaten by many people from Kenya, Uganda to Nigeria. Millet is a food staple among...
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Nativsol Food Series: Eat Like a Queen; The Story of Okra

Eat Like a Queen: The Story of Okra

Okra is prepared in many ways now: fried, dried, sauteed or soup known in West Africa as “Okra soup”. Like Little WANDA wit​h the glowing radiant skin, you too can enhance your health and beauty with Okra. Yes, Okra! In ancient Egyptian times, African Queens even...
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