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Shona 101 is now available for download!

Shona101 is finally out! As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, hence 8 weeks has flown by with the development, completion and release of Shona101. Click to download Shona101 for iOS Click to download Shona101 for Android For some background to Shona101, read my earlier...
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Shona 101 - Update #2

Shona 101 Update #2 – Introducing Bembenene

Mhoroyi! In my last update, I shared the background to our ongoing Shona 101 project – a bilingual storybook for children. Shona 101 is a collaborative project between Genii Games and Linford Zirangwa aka Bembenene, a native Shona speaker from Zimbabwe and computer science...
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Shona 101 - Update #1

Shona 101 Update #1 – In the Beginning

It’s been an exciting start to 2018 with Linford Zirangwa joining Genii Games for a 2-month internship. For some background, Linford and I met last summer during my 6-week YALI (Young Africa Leaders Initiative) Mandela Washington Fellowship at Dartmouth College, Hanover. One of...
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