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The Tortoise in the hat

The Tortoise in the Hat

If the title sounds like a popular Dr. Seuss story (I’m a big fan!), it’s indeed a deliberate approach to examine different African Cultures within the context of the Tortoise in different hats. Background Lately, my team has been mulling over the idea of a different approach to...
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What makes a Native Language tick?

This post examines the simple things that make our native languages appealing. These things though simple are often missed. A few years ago while living in Abuja, I was riding on one of the popular El-Rufai buses from the city center to Gwagwalada. Seated by my side was a young...
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Lost Stories: The Tortoise and the Birds

It’s not uncommon for me to work with audio or video looping in the background. Sometimes, it serves as a balance and at other times, sweetens the creative juice. And so, 3 nights ago, I was working while random Youtube videos looped in the background. Somewhere along the line,...
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Adventures of the Tortoise

Background: Adventures of the Tortoise

Following the release of the Adventures of the Tortoise app, I thought to share a piece that sums up its context from a personal angle. First, Adventures of the Tortoise is a growing collection of Tortoise folktales drawn from (or adapted to) different African Cultures. With it,...
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