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Yoruba101 Ikini update

Yoruba101 Ikini update: new Selection Page and Menu

Yoruba101 Ikini has a new update! Thanks to your feedback, we have added a new ‘Selection Page‘ and a ‘Selection Menu‘ within the story. The new features make it easy to jump to any section within the story. Here’s one useful benefit of the feature....
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Hacking Yoruba counting

Hacking Yoruba Counting

Counting is one of the most essential topics in any language including Yoruba. It shows up in everyday conversations where quantity is required, for example, money, age, time of the day etc. In Yoruba language, counting is very easy once one understands a few tips. Counting in...
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What is Yoruba?

What is Yoruba

What is Yoruba? It’s interesting to know Yoruba means different things to different people. Among others, Yoruba is a language for many of its speakers numbering over 40 million worldwide. Yoruba is a Religion for millions who worship Orisas like Sango, Orunmila, Osun etc....
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Why greeting is important in Yoruba culture

Some of us already know that greeting is an important characteristic of Yoruba culture. Why? Well, it took a recent experience for me to delve into the reason behind its importance. Sitting in a lecture room with students of diverse background and culture, we eagerly awaited the...
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From Lagos to Sao-Paulo: Reflections

From Lagos to Sao-Paulo: Recap & Reflections

It was a fine evening in São Paulo on June 23, 2016. As I made the short walk from my hotel to the Galeria Olido where I’d be speaking, I soaked in the surrounding atmosphere – folks peddling various items with open calls, human and vehicular traffic, familiar colored...
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Yorùbá keywords for the 2016 Rio Olympics ebook

e-book: Yorùbá Language keywords for Sports

The 2016 Rio Olympics has now come and gone. While it lasted, Genii Games and ensured Yoruba language was not left out. Together, we ran a 16-day campaign from August 6 to 21 where we shared digital postcards containing sport-related words in English, Portuguese...
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Yoruba101: unlocking paid items for free after updating app

Yoruba101 3.1 is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android. First, apologies for the blank screen error some of you experienced in version 3.0. A big thank you to Sewa, Hugo and Mary for pointing out the problem. Yoruba101 3.1 fixes the bug and is now available for download. For...
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Beyonce’s lemonade and influencers as drivers of African Cultures

Beyonce’s lemonade and influencers as drivers of African Cultures

As of my last count, Beyoncé’s lemonade has inspired about a dozen articles on the Osun (pronounced Oshun) deity, a religious feature of African Culture. Consequently, this has created some positive awareness about what is now described by the generic phrase, Yoruba religion,...
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Yoruba Language Teaching App, Yoruba101

How a British native became the first user to complete my Yoruba language learning app challenge

I stumbled upon Chantelle’s Facebook page, Official Naija Oyinbo by accident but was quickly drawn to its description. It reads in exact Yoruba language, “Ekabo oo…se dada ni…oruko mi ni Chantelle, mo gbo yoruba dada oo…” which translates to “Welcome, ho...
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Selfies: Hanging out with African Deities

Selfies with African Deities

Background This post was inspired by the stereotypes surrounding African deities. Back in 2013, I visited a private primary school in Lagos to exhibit the Oluronbi app; a folktale app that captures the life of a childless lady who in desperation makes a careless vow to a tree...
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